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Osborne Park (OSY) Data Centre Facility

DC Two's Osborne Park data centre is conveniently located approx. 6 km north/west of the Perth CBD.

DC Two's Osborne Park data centre is conveniently located approx. 6 km north/west of the Perth CBD, buried in the side of a hill and formed within a concrete bunker. The rather non-descript exterior opens into an Aladdin's cave of technology that has been carefully crafted to fully support both Cloud and colocation needs.

The data centre is corner-stoned by Tier III principles and was recently put to the ultimate test when power services were lost for a period of two weeks after a storm front passed through Perth during February 2017. With our own disaster/ business continuity plan deployed, the data centre was forced to run on diesel generators, delivering 100% uptime for all clients, for a 2-week period.

Very few data centres can say they have run on their backup systems for 2 days, next to none have either run or survived for 2 weeks which is a testament to the design of the centre, the efforts of our engineers and the processes in place to support proven un-interrupted operations.

Building and Location

  • Located very conveniently in the centre of the Osborne Park business district and close to the Herdsman Business Park
  • Located about 6 km from our Perth CBD data centre POP
  • Plenty of convenient and free on-site parking
  • Single storey premises of 300+m2
  • Total ICT white space of 94m2 with around 40 racks
  • Heavy duty Raised flooring


  • The data centre has up to 1 MVA of total power available
  • Individual racks can be easily configured to power up to 30kw
  • ICT designed load with an initial capacity of up to 240kw
  • True A+B dual power distribution from incoming feed to rack power distribution units (PDUs)
  • Each ICT rack is fitted with two (2) PDUs supplied via A+B dual independent power paths
  • In rack Static Transfer Switches (STSs) for single corded devices
  • Over 48 hours of diesel fuel storage on site
  • Engineered and tested dual diesel power generation sets (capable of continuous use)

Power Protection

Backup Power
  • Multiple Dual independent A+B backup generators
  • Fully automated failover from mains to generator
  • Either generator can power the entire site
UPS Systems
  • Multiple Dual independent A+B Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Modular UPS system enabling uninterrupted expandability
  • UPS batteries continuously cooled by DC CRACs to maximise battery life
  • UPS Systems under full maintenance & service contracts to ensure optimal ongoing operations
  • Over 30 minutes of battery runtime


  • Emeron and Stultz Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRACs) providing N+1 air cooling in a fully redundant configuration
  • Industry leading Chatsworth Vertical Exhaust Duct (VED) rack cabinets keep the server/equipment hot air exhaust and the cold intake air completely separated to maximise cooling efficiency
  • Chatsworth passive cooling solutions cabinets are the most cost effective and cooling efficient thermal management solution on the market today
  • Chatsworth VED rack cabinets can provide up to 30kw per rack with passive cooling and zero points of failure!


  • Multiple diverse underground East-West points of entry for incoming telco fibre
  • Vocus and Telstra fibre and Points of Presence (POP) installed
  • TPG network within 200m
  • On-Net with DC Two's Perth DC Ring
  • DC Two currently peering directly with Vocus, Telstra, WAIX and Speedcast
  • 1Gbps dedicated WAIX Peering
  • DDoS Protection for best defence against malicious cyber attacks
  • All DC Two networks are physically deployed and managed into 3 independent fabrics for:
    1. Internet facing & customer traffic
    2. Storage Area Network (SAN) traffic
    3. Out of band or management network
  • All network switching via enterprise grade Juniper, IBM and Cisco equipment
  • Direct Point to Point Connection to Speedcast's Henderson Satellite Landing Station

Fire Detection

  • Primary fire detection will be via a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system. VESDA fire alarm system can detect very subtle amounts of hazardous gases, which could harm people and property
  • Secondary and redundant fire detections via the security system smoke detectors backed by 24/7 manned NOC support

Security Systems

  • 4 Zone/Level security and protection system
  • Security monitored with thermal, motion and smoke/partical detectors in all zones
  • Swipe Card access for less critical zones
  • Swipe Card and Biometric fingerprint access required for critical plant and data centre access
  • Security system controlled Magnetic Locks securing service access ways
  • 24/7 monitoring via external security NOC
  • Internal and External CCTV coverage with high resolution cameras
  • 30+ days of CCTV digital archiving


  • Monitoring of all internal and external elements including
    • All Power elements including
      • Mains power
      • Generator operations
      • UPS systems
      • Rack PDU power usage
    • Data Centre environmental elements such as
      • Temperature and humidity
      • Security and CCTV coverage
      • Security access
    • Networking
      • Internet feeds
      • Peering Feeds
      • SAN Fabric
      • Out of Band network monitoring
      • Peering and direct links
      • Routers & switches
    • Cloud infrastructure
      • Virtual platform server hosts
      • SAN Storage
      • Cloud Storage


Paradigm Technologies has been working with John and the team at DC Two for the past 2 years. They have been instrumental in allowing us to establish 'cloud' offerings for our clients. We now have a number of customers whose core data and server infrastructure is located on the DC Two platform.

The simple and competitive pricing model they use makes quoting and billing a breeze. Nothing is too much trouble for them and no matter the problem or requirement, DC Two will find a way.

- Nick Dimitrijevich and Andrew Rosen, Directors, Paradigm Technologies