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Realtime DR

Real-time Disaster Recovery is more akin to a Business Continuity solution that is integrated with a Backup solution and can therefore deliver the business complete protection for virtually any disaster or recovery need.

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The key concept around the technical delivery of Real-time DR is stretching the live production environment to the remote data centre using native features of the hypervisor platform itself. For VMware this would be HA, Stretched Cluster type capability.

  • Pros
    • Natively integrated with production hypervisor and network solutions
    • No Management of Replication Middleware required
    • Real-time Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
    • Near Real-time Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
    • shortest recovery time - seconds to minutes
  • Cons
    • Higher Cost
    • Need for storage solution/hardware capable of multi-site deployments
    • Little protection against ransomware/cryptolocker attacks + Backup

Solutions components would include;

  • Expanded/extended live hypervisor environment
  • Backup including Backup Management
  • Dedicated active server host/s to match on-site hardware
  • Live SAN (~30TB)
  • Cloud Storage for Backups (~30TB)
  • Dark Fibre/point to point link

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Disaster Recovery with SRM + NSX

Active-Standby Application Pair, No Cross Site Connectivity, Traffic Directed to Active Site

DC Two's realtime disaster recovery solution diagram


I've known John and the DC Two team for a number of years. They are experts in all things cloud, and share the same passion for technology as our IT business, Ever Nimble. We have worked with them on a number of occasions, including a complex global Veeam deployment, and they have provided incredibly quick access to Co-Lo space when we needed it urgently. I would highly recommend the team; we are a very proud partner.

- Chris Morrissey, CEO, Ever Nimble