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Certified Information Security Management
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We create custom enterprise cloud configuration solutions for your business

Highly Secure, Reliable Colocation

Minimize the level of risk and safeguard your critical data infrastructure in our state of the art, ISO 27001 accredited data centre. All of the core infrastructure is managed by us.

FIXED PRICING - calculated in advance for you

FIXED DATA CHARGE options available

Flexible colo service including...

  • You control equipment in your rack
  • Ultra-fast communications with redundant paths
  • Higher uptime reliability when compared to usual commercial infrastructure setups
  • Higher physical security – strictly limited access to your equipment
  • You retain ownership and management of your hardware
  • Scalability – add or remove hardware in your rack space, and scale your required bandwidth accordingly
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Locally Hosted, Secure Private Cloud

DC Two provides secure compute and storage options from our data centres to meet a wide range of needs, suitable for small businesses and scalable up to large enterprise requirements.

FIXED PRICING - calculated in advance for you

Month by month services WITHOUT CONTRACT

FIXED DATA CHARGE options available

Local cloud including this & more...

  • Data sovereignty – Your data is hosted locally and remains within Australia
  • Reduce risk and maximise uptime via better security, redundancy and ultra-fast recovery strategies
  • Highly secure, both physically and virtually
  • Scalable; add and remove virtual infrastructure as required
  • Ultra-fast communications, with redundancies
  • High performance computing power for the most demanding tasks
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Businessmans hand protecting a falling domino, preventing it knocking over the rest in the series

The Concept of Business Continuity: Why a Disaster Recovery Plan Isn't Enough

Business continuity and disaster recovery reduce the impact a disruptive incident might have on an organization's ability to continue normal operations. However, while both fields are essential and even similar in some aspects, they are not the same. And, of course, have varying levels of effectiveness.

This article carefully explains the concept of business continuity planning, helping you stay prepared against certain business emergencies.

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Everyone contributing to the complete security puzzle including secure cloud, device security, physical security, anti-virus, hardware security, secure passwords and surveillance

Behind the Scenes: DC Two's Journey to ISO 27001 (ISMS) Certification and What it Means for Our Customers

Despite its clearly defined requirements, adopting the ISO 27001 framework can be overwhelming to achieve without meticulous planning and proper vendor selection. These systems are supported by continuous improvement, monitoring, staff training and audits by our team.

With business-critical processes in place, our customers can count on the high availability and operational efficiency required to keep mission-critical projects up, running, and protected at any scale.

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ISO 27001 accreditation for information security for cloud, data centre and software

ASX: DC two Achieves ISO 27001 Certification for Data Security

DC Two are pleased to announce that its software, cloud platform and data centres have achieved ISO 27001:2013 Certification, the most widely recognised international standard for information security management systems including data security.

Achieving the certification demonstrates we are employing world-best practice solutions which will enhance our ability to secure new enterprise opportunities, especially in sensitive, regulated and public sectors.

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ASX: Bibra Lake DC Operational & Ready for Initial Customers

We are pleased to announce that its Bibra Lake data centre is now fully operational in Stage 1 configuration. This allows customers to gain access to the data centre and cloud services immediately.

All major components have now been installed and successfully tested. The Stage 1 deployment is powered and cooled by fully redundant, completely independent and Tier III compliant systems with the Stage 1 components acting as "a data centre within a data centre".

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DC Two defends customers with urgent Microsoft Security patch

Emergency Microsoft Patch, pros & cons of security patches

Earlier in March we rushed through an emergency Microsoft Exchange Server patch to protect our customers from a serious vulnerability. With increasing cybersecurity threats, it is more important than ever for businesses to implement security patches in a timely manner. What are the pros, cons and considerations for implementing these properly?

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Store your business data in an Australian data centre

Dude, where's your data?

Data is a valuable asset, and it's easy to assume that a cloud provider will be secure and protect your privacy. If your data is hosted outside of Australia, are you confident that it's protected and managed with your best interests in mind?

Data sovereignty is quite a complex issue. To break it down in its basic form, Australian Data Sovereignty means your data remains in the jurisdictional boundaries of Australia.

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Justin, Trevor and Logan Thomas working on our edge data centre prototype

DC Two: Our Core Values Continue
into Our ASX Listing

Who is DC Two? We look into the people behind our success, and core values we take forward.

Throughout the last 12 months a lot has changed. Throughout these changes, our resolve, passion & commitment to providing custom cloud solutions for our clients has continued to strengthen.

Together, Mark & Justin were the brains behind DC Two. The business was founded on strong family values, Justin's dad, Trevor Thomas, have worked alongside Justin for many years. There is more to the family dynamic at DC Two than the Thomas men, Rebecca Thomas is a critical part of the team.

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DC Two new Bibra Lake data centre

DC Two Commences Trading on the ASX

DC Two (ASX: DC2) lists on the ASX today after an oversubscribed $5.5 million capital raising at $0.20 per share with a market capitalisation of $11.7 million.

Will soon become WA's only hosting & ISO 27001 accredited cloud provider, integrated with a company owned Tier 3 accredited data centre which will help secure enterprise customers requiring heightened security. Funds raised from the IPO will allow DC Two to exploit one of the fastest growing global technology sectors, by accelerating the delivery of their cloud, data centre & telecommunications solutions.

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Wind, solar and other renewable projects currently underway in western australia

Renewable Energy Resource Projects in Western Australia

We look into current renewable energy projects around Western Australia. Until recently, WA has lagged behind the other states when it comes to renewable energy. Our state Government have been running project programs to promote improvement in this area.

These projects over the last couple of years, means that Western Australia hit a very admirable milestone with renewable resources.

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High performance and flexibility with virtual machines

Virtual Machines vs Physical Machines

Is it worth the switch? We explore what is a virtual machine / virtual desktop and compare it to the traditional physical hardware.

Businesses have been migrating servers to virtual machines for some time. This allows for a more efficient use of the server hardware, reducing overall operational costs by having less hardware in total, consuming less power and occupying less physical room.

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Business as usual with the right DRaaS implementation

Security in Focus: Disaster Recovery as a Service & Mitigation of Risks

In this article we delve further into the nuts & bolts of DR. We provide a checklist for selecting the right provider, and discuss various key risk topics & simple measures you can take.

It's not just digital threats that need to be considered, however. Fire, flood & theft can all be a major concern, if a company loses all of their data. Is your business properly prepared & protected?

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DC Two Veeam cloud implementation

12 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do with Your Veeam Backups

Don't just think of your backup as a static resource called upon only in the event of disaster.

Never view your Backups as a static one-use asset again. Access DC Two's Australian datacentre powered Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 and bring unexpected business efficiencies and capabilities to your Cloud implementation.

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DC Two Managing Director, Justin Thomas

Letter from our MD:
Looking Forward, Looking Back

What an eventful 12 months we have all just lived through, certainly no one predicted that!

Our MD looks at what we have done & the exciting places we are going in the next 12 months & beyond. Overall the year has had significantly more ups than downs. This year our team has excelled, bringing 4 distinct new capabilities to full production or pre-production status.

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Security of your critical business data cannot be left to chance. Use an experienced team as insurance against security threats.

Security in Focus

In this article we will cover an introduction and overview of security in the IT realm and in future articles we will delve more deeply into specific security topics.

DC Two has a long heritage of expertise in IT Security. We design and manage datacentres and cloud hosting solutions, so protecting business datasets is critical to our customers and our success.

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Hamish, Robin, Rory and Heather Mascall

Meet the Team: Heather Mascall, Creative Lead

Without Heather in the DC Two team it is very unlikely you would be reading this or even have seen or heard any DC Two material!

A talented designer & developer with over 17 years' experience, she began her career working for high-end creative agencies. Heather manages our brand, front-end web development and marketing.

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Ever Nimble partnership announcement

Announcement: Partnership with Ever Nimble

DC Two are pleased to announce the addition of dynamic Australian & UK based IT Experts Ever Nimble to our Partner Program.

Our ongoing success & growth is built on the expert combination of its technology, team & sales partners. The collaboration with Ever Nimble confirms that both parties see tremendous value, opportunity & mutual benefit in strengthening their relationship.

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A combination of on-site server, public and private cloud can be the best hybrid solution

Hybrid Cloud - Agility, Scalability, Security & Cost Benefits

We explore what makes up a well-defined Hybrid Cloud solution which combines the best attributes of private, public and on-premise IT Infrastructure maximising service and hosting.

You may already have a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure without actually realising it. Simply put, if you have on premise servers, but backup your data in the public cloud, then on one level you have a hybrid cloud.

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Rebecca Thomas is our bright spark around the office

Meet the Team: Rebecca Thomas, Business Management

Get to know our team a bit better. Without Rebecca (or Bec as we like to call her) it is quite likely the DC Two office would not be anything like the efficient and well organised machine it is. With a wicked sense of humor and wide understanding of cloud technology, she is one of our most important team members.

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Increase business agility through a cloud hosted solution with DC Two

Migrating to the Cloud - A Cost Benefit Analysis of Cloud vs On-Premise Computing

Many businesses have taken advantage of the benefits available from migrating their On-Premise IT to a Cloud delivered infrastructure such as scalability, self-service provisioning, redundancy and pay-per-use services. In this article we examine what exactly is involved, based on factors such as cost, performance and security.

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Mike Travis brings a great skillset to our management team

Meet the Team: Michael Travis, General Manager

Our new GM, known affectionately within the DC Two offices as "Mike T" (primarily due to the fact that multiple Michael's in the office was starting to confuse everyone). Michael has held senior positions in multiple large corporations such as Mayne Nickless, Lend Lease and ADP.

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the majority of the DC Two products and services can be implemented remotely

Remotely Delivered, Contact-Free Services

In the current climate of limiting contact with people it might seem impossible to add new services or features to your IT infrastructure, but this is not the case as a customer of DC Two. Detailed are some examples of what we can provide with a remote, contact free delivery. Plus, to further support our customers in this difficult time we have also included some introductory special offers.

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Disaster recovery plan - backup, monitoring, redundancy, mitigation and response

Off site backup: The cheapest insurance you can buy right now for your Business Security

On face value most businesses believe they are adequately backed up. However, in reality having live and backed up data in the same connected location is NOT SAFE. Off site backups are a simple and low-cost solution that can be implemented almost immediately. Restore within hours, rather than days.

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Are you ready to work from home in case you have to self-isolate

Is your business ready to enable staff to work from home?

What will happen to your business if your entire staff have to remain at home in lockdown? Is your business's IT infrastructure able to support remote or home working?

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I've known John and the DC Two team for a number of years. They are experts in all things cloud, and share the same passion for technology as our IT business, Ever Nimble. We have worked with them on a number of occasions, including a complex global Veeam deployment, and they have provided incredibly quick access to Co-Lo space when we needed it urgently. I would highly recommend the team; we are a very proud partner.

- Chris Morrissey, CEO, Ever Nimble


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