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About DC Two, our data centres and team

Our Company

We exist to deliver enterprise technology capability to wherever you are.

We do this by meeting the needs of local customers, with world class cloud services, delivered from local datacentres, managed by Perth based experts and supported by our network of technology partners.

We offer 3 distinct but related services:

  • Cloud Services and Management - A suite of managed and vertically integrated cloud services delivered from our datacentres in Perth and Darwin. We work with over 40 local technology partners to ensure we can retain the personalised touch, wherever you are.
  • DC Modular - A containerised "data centre in a box". A flexible package, with industry leading efficiency, high density compute and storage capacity, allowing for simplified local/edge deployment, wherever you are.
  • DC Soft - Software assets to support our internal operations and provide enhanced control and flexibility, through automation and self-service, to our customers and technology partners, wherever they are.

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Our Partnerships

Combined with and supporting our own deep technical capability, we have strong long-term partnerships with the leading providers of solutions and services in the IT industry. Our partners include: Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Citrix, Trend Micro, Datacore and Storage Craft.

Our prime channel to market is via our IT Services reseller partner program. Our sales partners engage with, support and build innovative solutions utilising the strength of the DC Two infrastructure. Depending on the partner capabilities, service delivery can be resale, wholesale or white label basis ensuring optimum solutions for all involved. Find out more about partnering with DC Two.

Local People, Local DC

Unlike many other cloud providers, you can come and see us for a coffee and check out our facilities. We are a locally operated company, so there are no concerns about data sovereignty as your data stays here in Australia.

Great Service and Support

As a customer or partner of DC Two, you will enjoy our great service and support. We are dedicated to provide high quality support so you can rely on our services for you and your end-customer.

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I've known John and the DC Two team for a number of years. They are experts in all things cloud, and share the same passion for technology as our IT business, Ever Nimble. We have worked with them on a number of occasions, including a complex global Veeam deployment, and they have provided incredibly quick access to Co-Lo space when we needed it urgently. I would highly recommend the team; we are a very proud partner.

- Chris Morrissey, CEO, Ever Nimble