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Bibra Lake (BBL) Data Centre Facility

Our new flagship data centre facility Stage 1 - NOW ONLINE.

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Bibra Lake (BBL) Perth (PIX) Darwin (SDC) Modular Data Centres

Situated approximately 28km south of our Osborne Park data centre, our new Bibra Lake Facility is shaping up to be a state of the art, Tier 3 accredited data centre. This will be our flagship premises and the new base of our operations, whilst maintaining our stance on data sovereignty. We aim to be able to offer flexible options to our clients, ranging from whole racks all the way up to an entire, secure, data hall with multiple racks.

We have made notable progress towards completing the Bibra Lake facility and re-applying for Tier III accreditation with Stage 1 NOW ONLINE. This is perfect for mid-market and enterprise customers who require Tier III compliance, security and accreditations. Once online and accredited, DC Two is set to become the only organisation with its own Tier III data centre and multi-tenant cloud platform on the ground and operating in Western Australia.

ASX: Bibra Lake Now Online. Read the full announcement

Building & Location

  • Located approximately 20km south of Perth CBD
  • Only a quick 20-minute drive from the city
  • Plenty of parking available
  • Full secure access building
  • Secure, private client build and meeting rooms
  • Large 5,000m2 premises
  • Equipment delivery areas and cages
  • Convenient 24/7 access and security

Fire Protection

  • Novec gas fire suppression system
  • VESDA sensors
One of our two Uninterrupted Power Supplies being installed to offer power redundancy Under floor cooling and power beneath the datacentre The new DC Two Bibra Lake data centre illuminated at night
The Bibra Lake data centre feature frontage and new signage

Power & Power Protection

  • Up to 3MW total facility capability
  • Varying power density options from 3kw per rack up to 30kw per rack , far exceeding the 2020 industry average
  • Future scalability to suit future power demands
  • Backup diesel generators with automatic switch over for continuous and uninterrupted supply of power
  • Dual redundant UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) to ensure continued delivery of power to critical IT equipment
  • Dual redundant power distribution to spread load and protect from plant failure from main switchboards all the way to the PDU's powering the IT equipment


  • Dual redundant highest efficiency chiller plant
  • Dual redundant chilled water pipework providing abundant cooling for the entire facility
  • Fully redundant computer room air handling units supplying precision cooled air optimized for operating conditions, based on ASHRAE recommendations
  • Hot and cold aisle / air separation for maximum efficiencies and lowest PUEs
  • UPS protected chilled water pumps & air handling units

Security & Surveillance

  • Secure build rooms for clients with restricted access
  • Restricted access racks with security measures
  • Security protocols in compliance with ISO 27001 standards for classified information security


  • Multiple redundant fibre connections, with direct links to our other data centres
  • telstra & Vocus available in full dual path redundant configurations, with other telcos planned
  • A variety of high bandwidth connections, with ultra-low latency, dark fibre, 100Gbit, 40Gbit, internet, SD-WAN and other services available

Stages of the Bibra Lake Facility Tier III Accreditation

During 2021, we will be completing the data centre, and have it independently certified to Tier III level by the Uptime Institute, the world's leading authority in certifying data centres. This is a rigorous process and once complete, will provide our customers, investors & other stakeholders with the confidence that the Bibra Lake data centre has been designed and built to the minimum level suitable for the housing and hosting of mission critical digital infrastructure systems.

Stage 1 - Online Pre-Accreditation

Driven by customer interest, the data centre is expected to be fully operational by April 2021.

The stage 1 deployment will be powered and cooled by fully redundant, completely independent and Tier III compliant systems with the Stage 1 components becoming "a data centre within a data centre". The Stage 1 components will be tested and used to maintain ideal environmental conditions suitable for continuous and reliable operations while the final Tier III deployment (Stage 2) is completed independently alongside the Stage 1 components, providing complete autonomy from each other.

Importantly for customers, any equipment hosted at Bibra Lake during Stage 1 will not have to physically move once the site achieves it's Tier III accreditation.

Stage 2 - Tier III Accreditations

Stage 2 will consist of 2 distinct stages;

  • Design Accreditation - whereby the engineering and design is assessed to ensure that "on paper" the site meets all the requirements to achieve the desired certification level; then
  • Constructed Facility Accreditation - after construction is completed, physically demonstrating that the "as built" facility meets and matches the design and performs as engineered and expected.

The certification process includes live, real world demonstrations of the data centre and its capabilities while intentionally and deliberately introducing failures to see how the data centre copes with planned maintenance activities or unplanned faults and failures. All of the testing and demonstrations are performed under full load conditions designed to push the facility to the limits.

Installation of the insulated wall panels for the data centre hall
Our brand new small chillers being installed for stage 1 to come online
What does Tier III mean, and why is it so important?

A Tier III data centre is described as "concurrently maintainable" which means that each and every capacity or distribution component necessary to support the IT processing environment can be maintained on a planned basis without impact to the IT environment. This concept extends to important subsystems such as control systems for the mechanical plant, start systems for backup generators and cooling equipment including pumps to name a few. Unlike Tier I & II sites, Tier III facilities are designed to be online and available throughout a variety of planned and unplanned events, keeping your important IT systems "always on".

As our world moves online and further towards an integrated digital future, choosing how you house, store and protect your digital assets must be undertaken from a point of risk.

How important is your data? and what would the impact be if it was offline or not available?

In todays "always on" world, even SMBs require access to their important email, communication and business data to operate while mid-market and enterprise businesses often can measure downtime in the millions of dollars per day in business impact and reputational damage when offline.

So, when choosing the right data centre partner, DC Two is the obvious choice and upon completion of our Tier III accreditation at Bibra Lake, it is expected that DC Two will become the ONLY data centre provider in Western Australia with its own Tier accredited data centre and multi-tenant cloud platform.

Further details on Tier ratings and Uptime Institute accreditations can be found here.

The old chillers being removed making way for new updated technology Old chillers being loaded onto a truck Vocus installing the new Dark Fibre link at Bibra Lake Some of our crew taking apart and reconfiguring the data centre frame work


I've known John and the DC Two team for a number of years. They are experts in all things cloud, and share the same passion for technology as our IT business, Ever Nimble. We have worked with them on a number of occasions, including a complex global Veeam deployment, and they have provided incredibly quick access to Co-Lo space when we needed it urgently. I would highly recommend the team; we are a very proud partner.

- Chris Morrissey, CEO, Ever Nimble