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Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas - Managing Director


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Justin began his career in IT at the age of 24 after turning his hobby into his first business, Home Open, which provided custom software and data solutions to over 300 estate agents and valuers in the property industry in Western Australia.

Following the successful sale of Home Open, Justin was appointed the lead Project Manager with Global Networks Australia, a private company formed specifically to undertake the deployment of a new international sub-sea fibre optic communications cable linking Perth with Jakarta (in Indonesia) and Singapore along with a data centre and cable landing station in Perth. After spending 18 months working in both Jakarta and Perth on development and design works, this project was unfortuantely put on hold indefinately.

Justin then immediately continued the deployment and development of data centre services in the Perth market working closely with the WA State Government Dept. of Commerce to design, fit out and complete their new data centre facility located in the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, south of Perth. The Henderson data centre was successfully sold to Amcom in 2013.

Once again, and continuing to push forward and develop his passion for data centres and enterprise technolgy, Justin founded DC Two with Mark Dignam and a small team of private investors in 2011.

Mark Dignam

Mark Dignam - Technical Director

Mark has had a very distinguished IT career spanning over 30 years and is one of those very rare individuals whose skill set extends across just about every facet of IT including hardware, software, networking, VOIP, programming, storage and just about anything else that can be identified as IT.

During his career, Mark was the first person in Australia to decode and identify the Michelangelo virus. He helped start the Omen BBS (before the internet was here...), successfully founded and commercialised Omen Internet in 1994 as one of WA's first ISPs.

Mark was one of the founding members of WAIX with Omen being the first external peer. Omen later became part of the iiNet group, and after a short stint with iiNet, he spent 8 years with Eftel as their network designer & systems administrator and immediately prior to joining DC Two, was the Network Architect and Administrator at Nearmap.com

Don Thomas

Don Thomas - Infrastructure Engineer

Shannon Hull

Shannon Hull - Infrastructure Engineer

Ryan White

Ryan White - Lead Developer