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DC Two cloud products and services

Professional Services

Here you can find details of each of our services, with direct links to products and other services.

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DC Two Professional Services

Cloud Network Designs & Configurations

DC Two can secure your Virtual Machines, Virtual Data Centres and Dedicated (virtual) Data Centres in a variety of ways and choices depending on your networking requirements such as below;

  1. VPS Basic

    VM Secure is the base included security level and is a great starting point for small deployments of only a single VPS. VPS Basic gets you online in a cost effective, but secure manner.

  2. Private Cloud VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

    Adding a Private Cloud VLAN and a private DMZ firewall appliance or device to your network is a must for any deployments of two or more VPSs and for larger deployments that need the next level of security.

  3. Private Cloud VLAN with Private P2P (Point to Point)

    Leading on from the entry level Private Cloud VLAN, adding a dedicated point to point connection for backend communications is a great addition to the performance of the deployment while adding another level of security by keeping sensitive corporate data off the open internet and in private dedicated communications networks.

  4. Private Cloud P2P ONLY

    Deploying and connecting a dedicated point to point connection into the DC2 Platform in the form of a Private Cloud Network with no internet connectivity is a perfect way for existing deployments and systems to add IT compute and storage capacity without adding another internet connection into what already could be a complex and complicated network. A Private Network combined with a Dedicated (virtual) Data Centre (DDC)is the ultimate in security in the hosted/cloud world.

  5. Community Cloud Network

    If you are part of a community that needs to share data and/or data systems then deploying a Community Cloud on the DC Two hosting platform could really benefit you. By combining several of the DC Two networking and security building blocks we will be able to assist you in designing a solution that will exceed your expectations.

  6. Hybrid Cloud Network

    If you need a bespoke, completely custom network design due to complexity and/or security requirements, then you need a Hybrid Cloud network design which can incorporate just about whatever you can think of or conceive.

Data Transfer Kiosk - Import & Export Data

Do you have a lot of data that you need to move into or out of the DC Two Platform?

We can help

It doesn't matter how much data you have to move, just bring (or courier) your storage device to us and we can import the data for you (for a small fee to cover our time).

Self Service Data Kiosks

Our Osborne Park data centre has a data kiosk whereby you can schedule a visit to perform data imports and exports as and when you require.

If it is a small data transfer, you will be able to wait in the waiting room for your transfer to complete, or grab a coffee from the nearby cafe (good coffee too...), otherwise, you will be able to leave your portable device on-site while you continue on your way and pick it up at a later time.


Whether you are renewing your licensing for your on-site operations or looking to have a fully hosted solution in our data centre, we can assist you with your Microsoft licensing.

By carefully reviewing your business needs, we can offer you the most sensible approach to overlaying your hardware / hosted (cloud) services and your licensing to ensure full compliance, risk minimisation and desired capabilities.


Our strategically and cooperatively planned migrations ensure workload performance and cost efficiencies are delivered.

Without the proper planning and consultation between provider and customer your cloud migrations can become a barrier to success.

At DC Two our migration technology specialists utilise the best available tools to ensure every element of a successful migration is considered. We fully understand your IT landscape before determining the appropriate migration strategy for each application. The target architecture is designed and then transition is executed to the agreed plan.


Do you need assistance with your wide area networking or our technical expertise to solve a larger problem? We are here and ready to go.

Looking for a better NBN delivery, dark fibre to the door, high performance layer 3 services or specialist routing options then talk to our team.

DC Two operates a fully redundant dark fibre based service around the major data centres in Perth and can on-board your key infrastructure at a multiplicity of locations. If you have a preferred communications partner, whether it be IX Australia, Vocus, TPG, Telstra, Optus, Speedcast or an NBN provider, we can work with them to achieve your desired outcomes.


With our own in-house designed and engineered (NSA) fully virtualised security appliance available to all client businesses, DC Two starts every project with protecting your business datasets in mind. There are layers and layers of physical security, bio-security, video security, alarms, monitoring, auto-intervention, filtering, anti-virus, anti-spam, cyber threat detection, and more.

Trust is hard to earn and far more difficult to keep, but we are working on it every day for you. DC Two's security appliance (NSA) was recently reviewed with SSL Labs and received an outstanding A- rating, delivering security at levels beyond that required for the biggest bank in Australia. Why wouldn't you want that level of security for your business as well?

VDI and Remote Desktops

Three flavours of Virtual Desktop are available on our platform today. Each offers a varying level of video performance where the basic desktop is best targeted at your standard office personnel running on a basic Microsoft RDS delivery. For the more demanding user, we offer VMWare Horizon over PCOIP with offload compression that is an excellent solution for those team members with large spreadsheets open, a multitude of browsers open and the like. At the top end of our offerings is the VMWare Horizon solution with additional video acceleration through hardware based GPU cards to deliver the ultimate outcomes for CADD/CAMM, graphics, or video dependent activities.

Having determined that there are possible options for your business, there is still even more good news as we can mix and match the specific users to the best service for the individual and put them all together in one seamless solution in our data centre. Now, you have one login window to your hosted service with each team member accessing the performance they need at their desktop (Virtual Desktop), sharing all the common folders and files, communicating internally across the platform, fully secured, fully backed up, with local technical support on the end of the phone and all housed in a data centre just down the road.

To understand more about how we could help your business, call or email us today.


Having GOLD partner status, DC Two has access to a substantial network of technical support and is deeply entrenched in the ever-improving capabilities of the Veeam Availability Suite. Before the release of the latest version, DC Two was deploying and testing for itself to be ready when you need us. A review of the top ten new features that may be of interest to you can be found here.

You can utilise the Veeam Cloud Connect product, have us build you a private tailored solution with your own technical support as a managed service or anything in between.

Veeam capabilities are not just limited to simple backup processes, but can offer such solutions as:-

  • A full business recovery site
  • Replica site for testing new software or updates
  • Clone environments for external data manipulation
  • Ransomware protection

To clarify any materials you have read today, why not call the team or meet us over coffee.


In the arena of systems virtualisation, VMWare is the major underlying software product of choice world-wide. Forming the cornerstone of the DC Two platform, VMWare is something our team lives and breathes every day. So if you need experts, DC Two has the team for you. Need assistance to design your deployment, want to understand licensing implications, require human resources to do the work or need us to manage the outcome as well, then just call us today..


Paradigm Technologies has been working with John and the team at DC Two for the past 2 years. They have been instrumental in allowing us to establish 'cloud' offerings for our clients. We now have a number of customers whose core data and server infrastructure is located on the DC Two platform.

The simple and competitive pricing model they use makes quoting and billing a breeze. Nothing is too much trouble for them and no matter the problem or requirement, DC Two will find a way.

- Nick Dimitrijevich and Andrew Rosen, Directors, Paradigm Technologies


Cloud Desktops

Powerful and scalable virtual user desktop environments, managed and delivered remotely.

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Multiple levels of both physical & virtual security ensure the protection of your data is our top priority.

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VoIP Telephony

Take command with your new NBN ready office phone and cloud hosted PBX system.

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Cloud Servers

Our virtual servers are the base building blocks in our infrastructure environment.

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The most affordable multi-site, whole rack or RU space in DC Two's secure datacentres.

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Veeam Office 365 Backups

Eliminate the risk of lost access or control of your critical 365 workloads.

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Cloud Storage

Availability, security and redundancy combine to ensure optimum data storage solutions.

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Hosted Email Spam Filtering

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks.

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Veeam Cloud Connect Backups

Complete data protection & disaster recovery from the market leader.

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Dedicated Servers

BYO your MS licensing or mission critical workloads to our single tenant dedicated servers.

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Hosted Email

We can provide hosting for individual accounts or complete mail servers using Exchange or Office 365.

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Veeam Cloud Connect Replication

Info to be added.

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A better NBN delivery, dark fibre to your door, high performance layer 3 services or specialist routing options.

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Cloud Migration

Our strategically and cooperatively planned migrations ensure workload performance and cost efficiencies are delivered.

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Relocate your critical IT, from 1RU server or multiple rack / location hybrid cloud deployment.

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Email Hosting

Reliable, enterprise class email for your business which we can host your mailbox or whole Exchange server.

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Managed Cloud

Whether you require Public, Private, Hybrid or On Premises Cloud, let our certified experts become your experts.

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Managed Hosting

With managed single RU, dual RU or quad RU server offerings from our data centre, we can meet any need.

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