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DC Two are Gold cloud partners with Veeam® the market leaders in backup and disaster recovery solutions

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We are looking at migrating our IT to the cloud,
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At DC Two our migration technology specialists utilise the best available tools to ensure every element of a successful migration is considered

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17th July: 12 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do with Your Veeam Backups Read more

12 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Your Backups Powered By Veeam

17th July 2020

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As a Gold Partner of Veeam DC Two have expertise in the latest Veeam Availability Suite™ v10. Providing comprehensive Backup and Replication capabilities for your data protection, ensuring efficient availability, portability, and extensibility.

Just knowing your data is safe and secure in the event of a security breach or disaster recovery event is one thing. However, don’t just think of your backup as a static resource called upon only in the event of disaster. Leveraging DC Two’s Veeam implementation in our datacentre with our automated portal access and our Team’s support your backup’s can now become a hugely valuable business asset:

DC Two Veeam cloud implementation
Veeam Availability Suite is implemented in the DC Two cloud environment

12 alternative backup use cases:

  1. Recover your backups into a new virtual space and test them without any impact on your current live site.
  2. Perform Compliancy testing for auditing purposes.
  3. Trial new software products or applications before deploying to your live environment.
  4. Pre-test Windows or other vendor software updates for stability and operability issues.
  5. Pre-test ERP or other App updates.
  6. Test new hardware to see if there are performance gains or operability issues when compared to your existing infrastructure.
  7. Deploy a training solution / environment for new staff without affecting your live environment.
  8. Permanently save the backups for archive / retention compliance purposes (E.G. EOFY /1st July backups)
  9. Run all or some of your applications and services from the Cloud to trial performance and availability comparisons when considering migration or changes to your own hardware.
  10. Merge your existing hardware platform with a recovered copy of your software in our data centre so you could try out the best of both worlds in a hybrid solution.
  11. Flexibly scale your business capability (hybrid) in times of peak demand and access OpEx savings for the rest of the year using our monthly no contract services.
  12. Build a full DR/BCP solution with “live” cutover in the event of a disaster including really simple recovery after the event.

Never view your backups as a static one-use asset again

Access DC Two’s Australian datacentre powered Veeam Availability Suite™ v10 and bring unexpected business efficiencies and capabilities to your Cloud implementation.

Contact us today so our expert team can speak to you about your specific backup needs. We can evaluate and design a custom solution for your business and budget.

Leaverage DC Two's Veeam backups for your mission critical applications, letting you focus on do what you do best.

If you wanted to look at a Veeam backup solution for your specific needs, contact one of our expert team today.

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We’ve partnered with DCTwo for nearly ten years, and love their friendly approach to looking after their clients. Big corporate mega size data centre conglomerates and public cloud providers are sometimes too hard to get proper service from, and don’t reach out to you to see how you’re going. DCTwo are always happy to help when something needs quick attention.
It is exceedingly rare that we have an issue with their system availability, and on the few occasions that we have, they are on the ball with response time, and up front and honest about what caused it.
I love that the people who own and run the company are the ones we can call on for emergencies, complex situations, and help with creating solutions for our clients. They’ve even helped pitch a few solutions to our end clients as well!

Top marks to the DCTwo team and we’ll continue partnering with them for many years to come.

- Steve Edwards, Activ IT