We are looking at migrating our IT to the cloud,
where do we start?

At DC Two our migration technology specialists utilise the best available tools to ensure every element of a successful migration is considered

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I don’t have a comprehensive backup and disaster
recovery strategy

DC Two are Gold cloud partners with Veeam® the market leaders in backup and disaster recovery solutions

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How secure is my data if
it’s in the cloud

Multiple levels of both physical and virtual security ensure the protection of your data is our top priority including measures to protect from cryptolockers and ransomware.

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Off site backup: The cheapest insurance you can buy right now for your Business Security

27th March 2020

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Disaster recovery plan - backup, monitoring, redundancy, mitigation and response
Off site backups is the most important component to your disaster recovery plan

Extract from a real conversation with a Perth based SME:

Q: Is your IT system backed up?
A: Yes of course it is, let me show you. We have 5 active servers located here and then the daily backups located here.
Q: Are they all on the same connected network?
A: Err yes, they are all in our IT rack in the back office. Why?

On face value they are backed up. However, in reality having live and backed up data in the same connected location is NOT SAFE. In the event of a virus infecting your live data or an IT glitch hitting you, your entire IT infrastructure (backups included) and thus your ability to operate your business is compromised and at risk. For example, please refer to our real-world article describing the devastating effect a virus such as CryptoLocker or ransomware can have on the unprotected business.

There is a simple and low-cost solution that can be implemented almost immediately. Offsite Backups.

Offsite backups ensure that your data is backed up to the cloud, physically segregated from your live IT infrastructure. You can view Offsite backups as a low-cost insurance policy against disaster affecting your business.

Business on track thanks to DC Two
Having an off-site backup means your business can be back working again in a matter of hours not days / weeks after a disaster

How much does it cost?

The cost of offsite backup is driven by 2 primary factors – The size of the data to backup and the number of servers the data is contained on. Importantly offsite backup insurance is more than just storing your data. DC Two provides the most comprehensive service from protection through to availability:

  • Backup data capture
  • Backup data storage
  • Automated incremental change capture
  • Backup data availability and recovery

DC Two can provide offsite backups in our Australian hosted datacentres for as little as 9c per gigabyte of data per month (take advantage of our FIRST MONTH FREE offer today) . Plus, your data could be backed up the same day you contact us.

Offsite Backup Options and Features

Off-Site Backup Feature
Physical data capture and upload
We take a physical copy of your data and manually upload direct to our cloud servers via our secure high-speed datacentre infrastructure. This approach bypasses the need to transfer large amounts of data over public internet
Remote data capture and upload
Available for most solutions. As an option the solution can be implemented via remote desktop transfer or mail / courier service to deliver your data to our location
Veeam Cloud Connect
Using industry leading software tools to automate your backups and replication, providing your business constant protection
Isolated and segregated backups
Some viruses and crypto lockers can trace down network lines into all connected infrastructure. Isolation and segregation of backups protects against catastrophic virus spread
Reliable security
Our team of cloud experts understand the full system life cycle, so implement the correct configurations and security measures
Capture and store your full IT networking infrastructure for complete segregated disaster protection
Fast data restoration
Our solution allows you to restore within hours, rather than days which could occur with a poorly defined backup strategy

Contact DC Two today to discuss your offsite backup options and get your first month FREE. Gain peace of mind from ‘Insuring’ your business security and continuity.

Contact us today to speak to our experts about your off site back up, and take advantage or FREE set up and your first month FREE

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We’ve partnered with DCTwo for nearly ten years, and love their friendly approach to looking after their clients. Big corporate mega size data centre conglomerates and public cloud providers are sometimes too hard to get proper service from, and don’t reach out to you to see how you’re going. DCTwo are always happy to help when something needs quick attention.
It is exceedingly rare that we have an issue with their system availability, and on the few occasions that we have, they are on the ball with response time, and up front and honest about what caused it.
I love that the people who own and run the company are the ones we can call on for emergencies, complex situations, and help with creating solutions for our clients. They’ve even helped pitch a few solutions to our end clients as well!

Top marks to the DCTwo team and we’ll continue partnering with them for many years to come.

- Steve Edwards, Activ IT