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Letter from the Managing Director :
Looking Forward, Looking Back

3rd July 2020

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DC Two Managing director Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas, founder & Managing Director of DC Two

An End of Financial Year View from the DC Two
Managing Director, Justin Thomas

What an eventful 12 months we have all just lived through, certainly no one foresaw or predicted that!

From the perspective of DC Two, overall the year has had significantly more ups than downs. Obviously, we were not immune from the impacts seen from the COVID 19 pandemic, but fortunately both from the point of view of our team and the end markets we are involved in (primarily Cloud and related services) we continued a very healthy trajectory.

Our Innovation

One thing that differentiates DC Two is our in-house development capability both software and hardware. We are able to design, develop and put into production value added solutions, firstly that enhance our own and our end customers / partners capabilities and secondly that can become standalone products capable of generating their own revenue from sales into the market.

This year our team has excelled in this area of development, bringing 4 distinct new capabilities to either full production or pre-production status. Each of these new offerings not only adding both capability and revenue upside, but also extending our reach into new verticals and opportunities.

4 Key Developments in Progress

Software Asset Management Tool

Software tool that can provide significant automation and improvement within the global Microsoft Services Providers Licence Agreement (SPLA) and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) markets.

iSense Intelligent PDU & Room Controller Hardware

A unique intelligent data centre Power Distribution Unit (PDU) integrating Power, Networking and Environmental control.

Automated Modular Edge Datacentres

Ground up designed fully automated 'Edg' type datacentre's customisable from Tier 1 high performance compute users through to Tier 3 Cloud Services delivery.

Complete VoIP & Communications

Fully integrated Voice Over IP solution hosted on DC Two's cloud platform. With unlimited trunk connectivity, great speed, backup and redundancy.

Modular Edge Datacentre under consruction
Justin is a hands-on MD, being heavily involved in building the prototype Modular Datacentre, which will be powered by renewable energy.

Capital Raising & ASX Listing

All DC Two's growth and innovation has to this point been funded either by ongoing revenue reinvestment or from our early seed investors funding largely carried out when we incorporated back in 2012.

I am pleased to be able to share the exciting news that to fully exploit the potential of our new developments and extend the reach of our core cloud solution's we are in the midst of finalising a Capital raise culminating in an ASX listing for DC Two later in the year. Thus, a new chapter of continued innovation, growth and hard work opens up.

With all the above said it only leaves me to say a huge thanks to all the team at DC Two, our brilliant sales channel partners and end customers as I look forward to the next 12 months and beyond.

Justin Thomas signing off


Paradigm Technologies has been working with John and the team at DC Two for the past 2 years. They have been instrumental in allowing us to establish 'cloud' offerings for our clients. We now have a number of customers whose core data and server infrastructure is located on the DC Two platform.

The simple and competitive pricing model they use makes quoting and billing a breeze. Nothing is too much trouble for them and no matter the problem or requirement, DC Two will find a way.

- Nick Dimitrijevich and Andrew Rosen, Directors, Paradigm Technologies