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Hybrid Cloud - Agility, Scalability, Security & Cost Benefits

6th May 2020

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A well-defined Hybrid Cloud solution combines the best attributes of private, public and on-premise IT Infrastructure maximising service and hosting efficiencies.

The term Hybrid Cloud can have various definitions depending on different vendors, providers or user's viewpoints. The generally accepted description is that Hybrid refers to a mixed IT infrastructure environment that could be made up of on-premise infrastructure (hardware on site or collocated in a datacentre such as DC Two), private cloud services (delivered from dedicated servers), and a public cloud - such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure (shared globally distributed servers). All combined with software defined orchestration amongst the various delivery platforms.

In fact, you may already have a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure without actually realising it. Hybrid essentially describes the way in which many business's already structure their IT systems to take advantage of the benefits offered via cloud providers.

A combination of on-site server, public and private cloud can be the best hybrid solution
A hybrid cloud solution may be the best fit for your business, and will bring many advantages

Simply put, if you have on premise servers, but backup your data in the public cloud, then on one level you have a hybrid cloud.

DC Two Hybrid Cloud Real Customer Example:

Customer HQ Location
On-Premise Private Servers
Collocation Private Servers
Public Cloud Shared Servers
At Melbourne HQ - Services Eastern States customer base. Sensitive data stored.
At DC Two Perth - Redundant comms via Melbourne HQ. Delivers low latency services to local users via DC Two. Sensitive data backed up.
AWS - Redundant backups for general data where data sovereignty is not a concern.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

The primary advantage of a hybrid cloud model is scalability & agility. It enables workloads and data to move and scale between private and public cloud instantiations in a flexible way as demand or costs change. This allows greater flexibility and options for data deployment and usage. The real customer example (above) perfectly highlights the benefits of a Hybrid approach as the IT infrastructure has been designed to leverage high performance, reduce latency and build in redundant services to deliver efficiently across a geographically diverse end customer demand.

Hybrid Cloud Security

When dealing with data security and sovereignty a Hybrid Cloud solution enables you to better control where and how your data is located. In our customer example (above) sensitive data is located firstly On-Premise and secondly backed up in DC Two's Australian datacentre's ensuring full control. Whilst public cloud scale and performance is leveraged for general data storage and backup.

Hybrid Cloud Costs

There are both advantages and disadvantages to consider when evaluating a Hybrid cloud approach. One key consideration which is very topical now and worth extra consideration is the accounting balance between operating your IT Infrastructure from a CapEx versus OpEx model. A topic we explored in a previous article. In fact, with the Australian Government significantly increasing the immediate asset purchase tax write down to $150,000 per instance, procuring and owning IT Hardware within a Hybrid cloud set up could offer attractive tax incentives. Generally, moving more IT compute to the cloud will bring significant cost benefits over the operational life of your infrastructure.

DC Two Hybrid Cloud Solutions

DC Two's IT infrastructure is perfect for Hybrid cloud solutions. We include a fully programmable security appliance front-end, access to scalable resources, feature full 45-point backup strategies (by default) and enable integration with your on premise or collocated hardware. Redundant connectivity to any public cloud offering and access to 24 x 7 Australian based technical support.

Contact us today so our expert team can speak to you about your specific Hybrid needs. We can evaluate and design a custom solution for your business and budget. Most DC Two Services can be delivered contact-free.

Hybrid cloud diagram
Hybrid cloud is made up of various colocated cloud servers, linked securely

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Paradigm Technologies has been working with John and the team at DC Two for the past 2 years. They have been instrumental in allowing us to establish 'cloud' offerings for our clients. We now have a number of customers whose core data and server infrastructure is located on the DC Two platform.

The simple and competitive pricing model they use makes quoting and billing a breeze. Nothing is too much trouble for them and no matter the problem or requirement, DC Two will find a way.

- Nick Dimitrijevich and Andrew Rosen, Directors, Paradigm Technologies