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DC Two: Our Core Values Continue into Our ASX Listing

4th January 2021

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Throughout the last 12 months a lot has changed at DC Two - we welcomed a number of new staff members, we listed on the ASX (ASX:DC2) in November 2020 and we signed a new lease agreement for our new larger premise in Bibra Lake, which is currently undergoing Tier 3 Data Centre Accreditation. These changes have come with a lot of welcomed growth and support, and we have enjoyed being able to share the journey with those around us. Throughout these changes at DC Two, our resolve, passion and commitment to providing custom cloud solutions for our clients has continued to strengthen.

A Business Started on Passion with
a Family Orientated Approach

DC Two was established in 2012 by our Managing Director, Justin Thomas and our Senior Technician, Mark Dignam. Together the two combined their passion, industry knowledge and keen business minds to create something truly unique.

When it comes to their history, Mark is extremely well known in the IT space and has had an impressive career spanning over 30 years. He founded one of Australia's first ISPs, Omen Internet, which was later sold to iiNet. He was also the first person in Australia and nearly the first in the world to decode and identify the Michelangelo virus.

As for Justin, he successfully built and sold two startups over the years. One was a property industry-based software business called Home Open, which was utilized by over 300 real estate agents and valuers across WA. The other was a data centre in Henderson just south of Perth, which was bought by Amcom and is now owned by Vocus. Justin is a solutions-orientated and driven IT professional and as someone who has worked in the industry for years, Justin knows the importance of building solutions that are client focused.

Together, Mark and Justin were the initial brains behind DC Two and continue to work together to bring the DC Two vision and goals to life. With the business being founded on strong family values, Justin's dad, Trevor Thomas, has worked alongside Justin for many years. Together they built the Henderson Data Centre and they also built the infrastructure and fit-out for our current space in Osborne Park. Trevor and Justin's hands-on approach has filtered down to Justin's son Logan, who at only 15 has also loved learning the trade from his dad and grandad.

There is more to the family dynamic at DC Two than the Thomas men. Rebecca (Bec) Thomas is Justin's wife (or should we say Justin is her husband?). Here at DC Two she has her finger on the pulse of every area of operations.

Justin, Trevor and Logan Thomas working on our edge data centre prototype
Three generations of Thomas' men working on the modular data centre prototype together.

There is more to the family dynamic at DC Two than the Thomas men. You might have met Justin's wife, Rebecca Thomas. Bec's official title is Business Management but here at DC Two she has her finger on the pulse of every area of operations.

Bec wears many hats within the business, both on the technical operations side and being a general support to all staff on a day-to-day basis. If you've met the DC Two team you will know who Bec is, she breathes life into the office, keeps the team together, laughing and on track which is exactly what is needed in a highly technical environment.

Justin, Rebecca and Logan Thomas
Thomas familys: Justin, our managing director with Bec and Logan at our new Bibra Lake data centre facility.
Teamwork to get the modular data centre prototype up and running
Mark Dignam and Justin Thomas working on the transportable edge data centre.

Our Team Love What We Do

We pride ourselves on providing holistic and innovative solutions to suit a wide range of business needs. Our range of service offerings include:

We have over 50 IT Partners and more than 300 businesses hosted on our platforms and these numbers continue to grow with our honest and reliable approach to the services we provide.

2020 Has Been a Year of Big Achievements

2020 has been our biggest year yet and while faced with the same global uncertainty that the rest of the country has experienced with COVID-19, we have managed to finish the year in a strong position. On November 10th, 2020 we listed on the ASX. At the time, Managing Director Justin Thomas said "We are excited about becoming a listed company and welcome our new shareholders and thank them for their level of interest and support. We anticipate continued demand for our integrated and accredited services as businesses rapidly transform their digital activities and enterprise customers increasingly seek compliance, privacy and security".

From a business that started small but with big ideas to now being a company listed on the ASX, we have evolved in many ways over the last 8 years. We have entered the ASX with an impressive history of past success and know what is needed to continue this success throughout our ASX journey.

Our Passion for Data Centres
and Cloud Services Goes to
a Whole New Level into 2021

The capital which was raised during our IPO will be utilised in growth activities for the business to contribute to expanding Australia's data centre and cloud innovation capabilities. Key activities include our edge data centres deployed at various remote locations through DC Modular, combined with our software development via DC Soft working on data centre and cloud automation software. We bring together these areas to create one holistic solution for our partners and customers.

Though the Bibra Lake premises is a new and an exciting expansion in our business, we are proud to say our family orientated foundation will continue throughout this growth, with Justin (and of course his dad Trevor) having a hands-on approach to the project.

Justin Thomas and John Pavy making plans to complete bibra lake data centre
No time to waste. Work has begun at Bibra Lake, immediately after listing on the ASX. Pictured: John and Justin inspecting the existing water cooling infrastructure.

Staying Connected with DC Two

We value the importance of communicating meaningful and interesting information to our partners and shareholders. We would love to invite you to stay connected with DC Two by following us on our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Through social media we will be regularly sharing our business journey and achievements throughout the year. You're also encouraged to sign up to our Newsletter. This is where we will also be announcing our biggest achievements, product information and company updates, straight to your inbox.


DC Two is a company with whom we have an excellent working relationship. In the past two years, we have been rapidly growing our business with them. They are now one of our largest customers in WA and for good reason. Not only are they are technology experts, they also recognise that technology exists to support a business outcome. They are easy to talk to and are willing to listen when exploring new ideas. I have found them to be responsive, honest and trustworthy and I would not hesitate in recommending them as a potential business partner to anyone.

- Gary Roberts, Digicor