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Is your business ready to enable staff to work from home?

20th March 2020

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Are you ready to work from home in case you have to self-isolate
With self-quarantine a real possibility, its wise to get your home office set up to work remotely

The Corona virus pandemic is now impacting globally in every aspect of the economy and people's day to day lives.

Borders are being shut, flight's cancelled, school's closing, large gatherings cancelled. The economic impacts are now accelerating and will hit the unprepared business hard.

What will happen to your business if your entire staff have to remain at home in 'lockdown'? Is your business's IT infrastructure able to support remote or home working?

DC Two's Australian datacentre's and cloud delivery infrastructure has been delivering our partners and customers remote working solutions every day for nearly 10 years. Point in case, this article has been written, edited and uploaded to our website both remotely and collaboratively with multiple staff members none of whom are located in a central office.

How DC Two can make your business remote work ready for as little as the cost of a coffee per user per day?

Our cloud delivery experts can come to your business and make a full IT infrastructure assessment enabling us to design a custom remote work implementation and plan in as little as a few days.

Setup steps;

  • You contact DC Two for a remote working site assessment
  • DC Two team conduct an on-site review of your IT infrastructure and capabilities (Day 1)
  • Full backups of your IT system are efficiently captured, replicated and modelled onto the DC Two cloud infrastructure (Day 2+)
  • We architect a secure remote access cloud hosted networking solution customised for your business (Day 3)
  • We provide comprehensive easy to use training and documentation for your staff members to remotely test and trial the system (Day 4+)
  • Test and trial results enable system refinement and finalisation (Day 5, 6)
  • Your business is now enabled for remote working (Day 7)

The whole process from start to finish can be implemented within 5-7 days.

Agile and forward-looking businesses are already putting these plans in place with DC Two.

Remote work for better work-life balance
Working from home can also help modern, busy employees get a better work-life balance

Contact us NOW to book our experts in for a no obligation assessment of your remote access capability before it's too late.

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We've partnered with DC Two for nearly ten years, and love their friendly approach to looking after their clients. DC Two are always happy to help when something needs quick attention. They've even helped pitch a few solutions to our end clients as well!

Top marks to the DC Two team and we'll continue partnering with them for many years to come.

- Steve Edwards, activIT Systems