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ASX: Bibra Lake DC Operational & Ready for Initial Customers

4th May 2021

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Announcement Highlights:

  • Bibra Lake Stage 1 data centre is now fully operational with near-term initial revenue expected
  • All major components have been installed and successfully tested for reliable operation
  • The data centre will host DC Two servers, cloud services and offer co-location to customers
  • Sales team to immediately begin onboarding potential customers
  • Tier III accreditation works on track to be completed by Q3 of CY2021
DC Two Bibra Lake facility stage 1 now online
Above: Bibra Lake data centre now online in Stage 1 configuration

4th May 2021: DC Two Limited (ASX: DC2) ("DC Two" or the "Company"), a vertically integrated revenue generating data centre, cloud and software business, is pleased to announce that its Bibra Lake data centre is now fully operational in Stage 1 configuration. This allows customers to gain access to the data centre and cloud services immediately.

DC Two Limited (ASX: DC2) ("DC Two" or the "Company"), a vertically integrated revenue generating data centre, cloud and software business, is pleased to announce that its Bibra Lake data centre is now fully operational in Stage 1 configuration. This allows customers to gain access to the data centre and cloud services immediately.

Testing also illustrated that the data centre maintained ideal environmental conditions suitable for continuous and reliable operations, while the final Tier III deployment (Stage 2) can be completed independently alongside the Stage 1 components, providing complete autonomy from each other.

DC Two Managing Director Justin Thomas said: "This is a fantastic milestone for the Company. We have essentially taken a dormant building and transformed it into a fully operational data centre within a 6-month period, which is an impressive achievement within the industry, especially during this challenging COVID period. Focus and resources will now be put towards onboarding customers and the completion and accreditation of the Tier III facility (Stage 2)"

Focus directed towards achieving initial revenue

Demand for DC Two cloud and data centre services remains strong and the decision to bring Bibra Lake online early was a direct result of this interest. The data centre in Stage 1 configuration will host DC Two cloud services, dedicated DC Two servers and the ability to offer co-location to customers.

DC Two's sales team will immediately begin onboarding potential customers and Reseller Partners will also have the opportunity to host clients within the facility shortly. The Company expects initial revenue to be achieved in the very near term, in the ordinary course of business.

Above: Multiple suppliers working towards Bibra Lake Stage 1 fit out

Bibra Lake to transform the business

The Bibra Lake data centre will become the cornerstone of DC Two's offering and underpin its nationwide expansion of data centre and cloud services. Upon completion of its Tier III accreditation, it is expected that DC Two will become the only data centre provider in Western Australia with its own Tier III accredited data centre and multi-tenant cloud platforms.

Re-applying for Tier 3 accreditation, will help secure government contracts, mid-market and enterprise customers requiring Tier 3 compliance, security and access accreditations.

Bibra Lake will eventually have an estimated 240 - 400 racks available for customers, with the industry average revenue generated per rack being $1,600 per month for co-location and increasing to $50,000+ for full cloud racks. The data centre could also deliver a number of additional important value enhancing attributes for the Company; (Images right)

West Australian First - DC Two will become the ONLY company in Western Australia with an Uptime Institute accredited Tier 3 data centre and ISO 27001 ISMS accredited cloud platform
Value Inflection Event - Completing the data centre and achieving Tier 3 acceditation will be the biggest milestone in DC Two's history
Revenue Growth - Completion of Bibra Lake will allow DC Two to transition resources from development into commercial activities to onboard enterprise customers for significant revenue growth
Limited future CAPEX Required - Once Bibra Lake is fully operational the company anticipates only limited capital will be required to operate

This announcement has been approved for release by the Board of DC Two. It is also available on the ASX, and our investor section.

For more information please contact:

Justin Thomas
Managing Director
DC Two Limited
+61 6141 1011

About DC Two

Established in 2012, DC Two offers a suite of vertically integrated services covering every part of the data centre and cloud technology stack. The Company offers a number of managed and integrated cloud services delivered from datacentres in Perth and Darwin and is currently rolling out DC Modular - a containerised "data centre in a box" innovation. DC Two also develops software assets to support our internal operations and provide enhanced control and flexibility, through automation and self-service, to our customers and technology partners, wherever they are.

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We've partnered with DC Two for nearly ten years, and love their friendly approach to looking after their clients. DC Two are always happy to help when something needs quick attention. They've even helped pitch a few solutions to our end clients as well!

Top marks to the DC Two team and we'll continue partnering with them for many years to come.

- Steve Edwards, activIT Systems