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DC Two provide a range of VMware Cloud Services hosted on the award winning VMware vSphere ESXi hypervisor platform which all include the following VMware features;

vCloud Connector - Another advanced feature of the VMware vCloud platform is the vCloud Connector which is a VMware tool which lets you view, operate on and transfer your computing resources across VMWare vSphere and vCloud Director in private, public and hybrid cloud environments enabling you to extend your existing on-site VMware deployment to the DC Two virtual platform. To learn more about the vCloud Connector, visit the VMware site here.

VMware vCloud Connector

vMotion - vMotion can move live, running virtual machines from one physical host server to another with zero downtime, continuous service availability and complete transaction integrity. vMotion is a key enabling technology for creating the dynamic, automated, and self-optimising data centre.

VMware vMotion

High Availability (HA) - VM Ware HA provides easy to use and cost effective high availability for applications running in virtual machines. In the event of server failure, affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on another physical server host.

VMware HA

Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) - DRS aggregates computing capacity across a collection of servers into logical resource pools and intelligently allocates available resources among the virtual machines based on pre-defined rules that reflect business needs and changing priorities. VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM) which is included with DRS automates power management and minimises power consumption across the collection of physical servers in the DRS cluster.

VMware DRS