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Virtual Server Replication

Replication is no longer ONLY for the large enterprise...

With any Virtual Private Server, Virtual Data Centre or Dedicated (virtual) Data Centre, DC Two can replicate your entire environment from the primary data centre site to an alternate data centre site.

Replication with DC Two can reduce your Recovery Windows down to literally minutes.


VPS Replication


The entire environment from the Primary Data Centre site is replicated to the alternate data centre site including firewalls, networking configurations and the virtual servers.

The replication does not just replicate the Virtual Servers, the entire operating environment is replicated and in the event of a catastrophic failure at the Primary site, all that is needed at the Alternate data centre is to 'power on' the Virtual Servers.

Most of our clients choose an hourly replication but with Near-Real Time Replication you may lose only minutes of user data.

The VMs at the primary site are live and powered on while the replicated VMs at the Alternate site are powered off, therefore reducing your need for additional software licensing.


For more information on VPS Site Replication and how this can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on the below contact details.