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Virtual Server Backup and Recovery

Backup IS NOT optional and with DC Two, you cannot 'untick the box'

Backing up your data is one of those tasks that you need to do but is often is overlooked, pushed into the "I'll do it later basket" and often simply not done.

In the hosted, virtual world, backup is even more of a problem because you, the end user, do not have control of the base systems that your virtual machines are sitting on and this is why most cloud providers DO NOT backup your precious systems and data. Some cloud providers do offer backup as an extra added feature and extra cost to you.

They may perform some 'snapshots' on their storage SANs to enable you to restore from yesterday if your systems become unstable, or delete a file or similar, but what happens if the storage system itself crashes?

The Answer - Your data will become corrupted and you'll need to restore from an external backup......


How DC Two is different

Every single Virtual Machine and every piece of data that sits within the DC Two virtual platform and VMs are backed up at least once a day using Veeam Backup and Replication. DC Two views backup as an important requirement of the base system and we have included it 'as a matter of necessity' and is included at NO EXTRA CHARGE with every VM or system that is deployed on our platform.

We have a 'duty of care' to ensure that the data and systems that you place in our care are looked after properly and that we give your data the respect that it deserves.


How does DC Two perform backups?

The DC Two Standard backup routine performs an image based backup of your individual virtual machines nightly and retains 45 days of incremental changes enabling you to request a restore of any data, or the entire system, to any point within the last 45 days.

The backup images are stored on-site in a completely separate Network Attached Storage device to enable speedy backups and quick restores should they be needed.


Additional Backup Options

Off-Site replication - You may choose to have your systems replicated to an off-site location for added data security and redundancy, or to enable quick recovery in a Business Continuity situation.

Backup Frequency - You may decide that once a day backups are not sufficient for your business requirements. Backup frequency can be increased to almost whatever is needed up to 'Near-CDP' (Continuous Data Protection), which will protect your systems and data with no more than about the latest 15 minutes of data unprotected at any point in time.

Increase retention periods - The standard 45 days data retention period may not be enough for you. DC Two can extend this, or schedule monthly backups or any number of scenarios that you may require.

Enterprise Backup Features - DC Two can also offer enterprise level features for VMware based virtual machines such as the following;

Universal Application Item Recovery - Object level recovery for any application, on any OS, using existing application management tools.

Microsoft Exchange - Exchange administrators can restore individual objects such as emails and contacts.

Microsoft Active Directory - Active Directory administrators can recover individual objects such as users and groups and their attributes.

Microsoft SQL Server - SQL Server administrators can recover individual objects such as database tables and records.


Please speak with your DC Two representative to configure a suitable backup routine for your deployment.