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Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Cloud Servers

Individual Virtual Servers (or Virtual Machines) are the base building blocks in the DC Two Virtualised Environment. The Virtual Server (Virtual Machine) itself is effectively the item that holds the Server Operating System and Applications that come together to build the entire solution.

Individual Virtual Servers incorporate the following features and options;

  • Choice of Memory from 256MB to 128GB per individual Virtual Machine
  • Individual VMs can be configured with up to 2 CPU Sockets and 10 cores each (approx 25Ghz)
  • Choice of storage capacity and performance deployed on IBM DS series SANs or other NAS storage
  • Free WAIX peering internet traffic
  • Your choice of Operating Systems including Microsoft Servers, Linux, FreeBSD and Open Indiana (Open Solaris).
  • Ability to Bring Your Own (BYO) operating systems and applications

VPS Management Tools

You have full control over your Virtual Machines through our VMware console to power on, power off, shutdown, restart your virtual machine, install and upgrade VM Tools, view and access the machine level console. You can even mount ISOs to install applications.

VMware Console


Managed Performance Monitoring

All of the Virtual Private Servers and Resource Pools (for Virtual Data Centres) on our platform are continuously monitored for CPU, memory, disk and network utilisation.

DC Two uses this information to pro-actively ensure that both the entire platform and your individual servers operate and perform to their best and if we notice any unusual behaviour we will contact you and work with you to resolve any issues.

As an example of our pro-active management we recently had a client migrate their servers onto the DC2 Platform. As can be seen in the graph below, within hours of one of their servers being power on, CPU usage peaked at around 100 % utilisation and remained there overnight. We contacted the client first thing in the morning to inform them of a potential issue and problem with the server.

As it turned out, there was a problem, a 'rogue' process that was running on the server which was easily identified and resolved. The client had also been 'putting up with this issue' while hosted with their previous provider for a long time not knowing exactly what was going on, they just thought the server was 'going slow' and rebooted it every few days - not an ideal situation.

A few days later a similar issue occurred on the same server (Red Star below), we notified them again and because we had already engaged and assisted the client regarding performance issues, they were able to recognise what was happening and resolve the situation quickly and easily without needing to reboot the server.

Another satisfied customer.

VPS CPU Performance

VPS Backup

Backup IS NOT optional, you can't 'untick the box'

and... Snapshots ARE NOT backups!

Backup would have to be one, if not the most important feature on any cloud hosting platform, however, all too often you will find that backup is not included as a base feature with most cloud providers. If it is available (and often it's not even an option), it is an added extra, which increases your total costs.

In your own on-premise platforms, you have root level access to the hosts, hypervisor, datastores, networking and other components which enable backups very easy with almost any product you choose, however in the cloud, this is not the case and your choices are limited.

Unlike most other Cloud providers, DC Two backs up every Virtual Server on our platform daily using Veeam to an on-site NAS storage device. We retain 45 restore points which could mean up to 45 days of backups. For more information on the VPS backup service please see the Virtual Server Backup and Recovery section.

If your business requires a more detailed or rigurous backup plan and/or replication to one of our other data centres for geographical redundancy, please contact us to discuss your requirements so a suitable plan can be developed which will suit your specific needs and requirements.


VPS Site Replication

How critical are your systems? and how low are your Recovery Windows?

Our standard replication could have your systems back online in under half an hour!

DC Two can also provide you with multi-site VPS Replication so that your systems are always available with extremely low Recovery Windows in the event of any catastrophic failures. For more information on site to site replication, please see the VPS Site Replication page.


Need more than One VPS?

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) - If your deployment is larger than a single VPS, then a Virtual Data Centre may make more sense. A Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is deployed as a 'Resource Pool' of dedicated capacity in which you, as the user, can choose to divide up and use as you require. A VDC is ideal for larger deployments that require more resources or if you need to connect your VDC to an external premises and other external networks. Please see the Virtual Data Centre page for more information.

Dedicated Server VM Nodes - Dedicated Server VM Nodes are ideal for those who require substantial resources and control over their environment such as large firms who may be operating a significant number of VMs and need significant memory and processing resources. VM Nodes also gives the user an unprecedented level of control of their individual environment within the DC2 Platform. VM Nodes are perfectly suited to the Reseller Channel. Please see the Dedicated Server VM Node page for more information.


Included Enterprise Features

All Virtual Machines on the DC2 Platform are supported and protected by the enterprise grade features in VMware such as vMotion, High Availability (HA) and the Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). You can learn more about these features in the VMware vCloud Services section.


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