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Virtual Data Centres (VDC)

Many organisations are beginning to make the move away from owning and operating their own physical environments and instead, embracing the Virtual Data Centre. The VDC is best described as a dedicated set of resources (or Resource Pool) on an existing compute and storage platform capable of scaling up, or scaling down as required, depending on business peaks and troughs.

The VDC is also an ideal addition to any existing on-site data centre or compute services that are currently deployed and a very cost effective way of deploying resources as part of a Disaster Recovery (DR) or Business Continuity (BC) plan.

Virtual Data Centres incorporate the following features and options;

  • Choice of Memory from 1GB upwards. From about 200GB upwards it becomes more practical and cost effective to deploy Dedicated Server VM Nodes.
  • Choice of storage capacity and performance deployed on IBM DS series SANs or other NAS storage
  • Free WAIX peering internet traffic
  • Your choice of Operating Systems including Microsoft Servers, Linux, FreeBSD and Open Indiana (Open Solaris).
  • Ability to Bring Your Own (BYO) operating systems and application

VPS Management Tools

You have almost full control over your Virtual Data Centre and freedom to;

  • Add, delete, reconfigure Virtual Machines.
  • Use our VM Templates or create your own.
  • Create, edit and delete Resource Pools.
  • Create, edit and delete VM folders.
  • View networking port groups.
  • Full control over your Virtual Servers to power on, power off, shutdown, restart your virtual machine, install and upgrade VM Tools, view and access the machine level console. You can even mount ISOs to install applications.

VMware Console   VMware Tasks


Managed Performance Monitoring

All of the Virtual Data Centres (Resource Pools) are continuously monitored for CPU and memory utilisation whereby individual Virtual Private Servers are monitored for CPU, memory, disk and network utilisation.

DC Two uses this information to pro-actively ensure that both the entire platform and your individual servers operate and perform to their best and if we notice any unusual behaviour we will contact you and work with you to resolve any issues.

Virtual Data Centre Performance


VDC Backup

Backup IS NOT optional, you can't 'untick the box'

As with all of our VM products, DC Two include backup at no additional cost.

With Virtual Data Centres and deployments we can deploy your very own private Veeam Backup and Replication server which gives you a lot more control to perform your very own backups as required.


VDC Site Replication

How critical are your systems? and how quick are your RTOs?

Our standard replication could have your systems back online in under half an hour!

DC Two can also provide you with multi-site Virtual Machine Replication so that your systems are always available with extremely low RTOs in the event of any catastrophic failures. For more information on site to site replication, please see the VPS Site Replication page.


Included Enterprise Features

All Virtual Machines on the DC2 Platform are supported and protected by the enterprise grade features in VMware such as vMotion, High Availability (HA) and the Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). You can learn more about these features in the VMware vCloud Services section.


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