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SAN Storage

DC2 Platform SAN Storage

The DC Two SSD, Fast and Standard storage is deployed on the IBM DS Series SAN which combines next-generation dual controller technology with 6GB SAS interconnects to the disk drives and the latest high-performance SAS host interface technologies.

With Turbo Performance, the performance of the storage systems dramatically increases up to 40,000 read IOPs and 4,000 MB/s read throughput which is more than sufficient performance for just about any business application including SQL servers and Exchange.

SSD Storage

When ultra performance is required, SSD storage can easily provide over 40,000 IOPs performance.

Fast Storage

DC Two Fast storage utilises 15k rpm SAS disks configured in RAID 10.

Standard Storage

DC Two Standard storage utilises 7.2k rpm Nearline SAS disks configured in RAID 10.


Cloud Storage

The DC Two Cloud Storage is deployed utilising Supermicro NAS storage with 7.2k Enterprise SATA drives providing a lower performance platform, perfect for remote accessible storage, and delivered at market leading rates.

Current performance testing on the Cloud Storage platform can deliver around 9 Gbps throughput to the disk subsystems which is a lot more performance than anyone's internet connection!

The DC Two Cloud Storage platform is ideally suited to archival, backup and internet or WAN connected data access, storage and retrieval.



DC Two can provide simultaneous multiprotocol support to connect to the DC Two Virtual Server Storage including iSCSI, SAS, CIFS, NFS, and FTP/SFTP.


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