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Cloud Technical Support

The DC Two team have a great variety of Cloud based technical skills which you too can take advantage of.


Our team are very skilled in scoping, designing, installing, configuring and operating VMware hosted environments. Perhaps your current environments needs a makeover or re-design or you are contemplating an upgrade.

DC Two can assist you in your endeavours to better utilise your virtualised infrastructure.


Networking, Server and Storage skills

DC Two engineers have a very high degree of technical networking skills with a broad range of accreditations including Cisco CCNA's, Microsoft MCSA's.

Our engineers have a strong working knowledge and experience with technologies such as Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS, VMWare vSphere/ESXi, Windows, DOS, Unix and Linux operating systems, MS Office based server applications such as SQL Server and Exchange and extensive knowledge of IP, Layer 2/3/4 routing and protocols, including IPsec, RIP, BGP, OSPF, IGRP, SLIP/PPP, DHCP, L2TP, 802.1q and other layer 1/2/3 protocols including IPX, Netbeui, Appletalk, Ethernet, Token Ring and Arcnet.


License Optimisation

Migrating to the Cloud can throw up many interesting licensing questions and options, especially with Microsoft products. DC Two are especially skilled in helping clients through the Microsoft licensing maze and if required we can also engage with Microsoft directly to ensure that everything is done correctly and legally.

In addition to ensuring that the Microsoft licensing is implemented correctly, we can also ensure that any licensing is optimised. Many products can be licensed either by the user, or by the CPU, or for those larger organisations with an Enterprise Agreement and Software Assurance, it may make sense to Mix-n-Match licensing to achieve the best outcome.


Technical Consultancy

Recently, our consultancy team undertook a very comprehensive ICT Architecture Scoping Study for a health service that will be operating across 12 regional sites with over 230 staff spread across some of the remotest areas of outback Australia. The study required us to compare 3 deployment options including full cost comparisons for each over a 36 month period for each option.

Some of the results along the way actually surprised us but the outcome was not surprising with the Private Cloud solution working out more than $350,000, or about 8% less over 3 years than the next closest option.

Perhaps you too, are at the 'Cloud Crossroads' and not quite sure which way to turn...


If you have a need for high level technical support in virtualisation technologies, networking or are looking to migrate to the 'Cloud' but aren't sure exactly what is the best way, we can help.

Please contact our friendly team with your query on +61 (0)8 6141 1011 or via email .