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Perth Data Centre Network

The Perth Data Centre Network (PDCN) is a networking platform (or fabric) which has been designed to provide interconnections between data centres throughout Perth, Western Australia.

The PDCN fabric offers enterprises dedicated connections via a 1G or 10G interface or a 10G dark fibre wavelength, depending on your needs and requirements, with only month-to-month commitment - NO CONTRACTS !!!

Stage 1 of the PDCN came online in March 2017 connecting 3 data centre sites, DC Two Osborne Park, Vocus PerthIX and Peir DC in Canning Vale.

Perth Data Centre Network

Stage 2 is anticipated to connect the PDCN with both Next DC P1 in Malaga and Metronode's Shenton Park DC.   Expansion is of course subject to customer interest and demand.   If you currently host in Next DC P1 or Shenton Park and would be interested in transit over the PDCN, please let our team know so we can keep you informed.

The PDCN Fabric can be used for

  • Redundant connectivity between data centres
  • Backup or Replicate data between sites
  • Connect to a larger number of service providers
  • Connect to the public internet
  • Connect to the DC2 Platforms

As a carrier independent organisation, DC Two can offer you unique products, including UNLIMITED FREE ACCESS to the PDCN for consumption of DC Two products and services. Imagine the possibilities of connecting to a service provider at 1Gbps at NO COST to backup your data to another data centre half way across the city !!!

If you'd like to learn more about the PDCN and how DC Two can assist you and your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat.