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Perth Data Centre Network - Ethernet Services

Are you currently hosting in a data centre on the Perth Data Centre Network and you need inter-data centre Ethernet services?

If your answer is NO, please let us know where you are hosted so we can factor this into the expansion plans for the PDCN.

If your answer if YES, then we can simply provide you with a port (either 1Gbe or 10Gbe) via a data centre cross connect and voila, you now have fully redundant Ethernet connectivity.

PDCN Internet

Some of the benefits you will enjoy with Ethernet over the PDCN;

  • Direct point to point connectivity between data centres.

  • Select 1, 2 or 3 sites to architect your ideal network.

  • Select 1,2 or more ports to aggregate and control capacity at each site.

  • Ports available in 1Gb or 10Gb capacities.

  • Perfect for off-site backups

  • San-to-san replication

  • Zero traffic metering

  • "Behind the Firewall" connectivity access DC Two dedicated cloud platforms including Cloud Servers, Dedicated hosts, Cloud Storage, Veeam Cloud Connect Repositories, MyDaaS platforms plus much more

  • Ideal for Scale-on-demand and short term needs

  • Local Network Operations Centre (NOC) with highly skilled engineers


We look forward to working with you to assist with your data centre internet needs and requirements and should you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team.