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Partnering with DC Two

Are you an IT Reseller wishing to make a big splash into the Cloud ?

Are you also that same Reseller but perhaps you don't have the backend skills to manage the Cloud ?

Are you also not wanting to spend the tens of thousands of dollars needed to do it 'properly' ?

This is where DC Two can help you. Become a DC Two Reseller or Partner and benefit !

Partner with DC Two

You will get to keep your clients

Business End Users have started moving their business systems to the cloud and to compete in the future ‘Cloud Economy’, you will need to be able to offer proper, enterprise quality cloud and hosted solutions to your clients, and this is what DC Two can provide for you.

We have already started to see that offering IT support isn't enough and if your End Users enquire with other IT providers about Cloud products and services that don't or can't offer them, then chances are that you'll lose both the server and desktop support contracts.

We don't want YOU to lose any of YOUR clients, we want to work WITH YOU to ensure that YOU KEEP THEM, ALL !

Annuity Revenue potential

Currently, if you sell a server, you might make a profit which is a once off, however with DC Two, in the new Cloud Economy, you have the opportunity to convert that profit into a monthly recurring revenue stream through partner discounts and other benefits which will make your business more valuable and your income more stable.

Ongoing Sales Support

As a DC Two Reseller, you will have Priority Access to DC Two’s technical pre-sales engineers to assist you in designing enterprise level private, hybrid or public cloud infrastructure solutions for your End User clients. This may even include on-site and/or off-site visits and meetings with your End Users!

DC Two is prepared to go the extra distance to ensure that you, as the Reseller wins the business!

Priority Access to Technical Support

DC Two will provide you and your End Users with Priority Access to technical support staff to ensure that your End Users always receive the highest possible levels of service and support.

Additional Technical Support

As problems don’t always occur in the data centre, DC Two can make our technical team available to you, the Reseller, to assist you with any difficult networking or virtualisation problems you or your End Users may be experiencing in your networks off-site from the DC Two hosted environment.

Training and Education

As IT shifts over the coming months and years to the cloud, so will our mindsets on how we design and implement IT business systems. DC Two will also provide regular technical and sales workshops with you to help you transition your thoughts, skills and services to enable you to compete effectively in the future.

Bonus Technical Services, Solutions and Products

As a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to our Partners, DC Two will also provide an ongoing variety of valuable Service, Solutions and Products for you to use ‘at no charge’. You will be able to on-sell some of these services to your clients as a ‘value add’.


For more information on how the DC Two Reseller program works and can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 6141 1011 or email us at