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DC Two WAN Network and Carrier Availability

There are several ways you can connect to the DC Two Cloud platform including the below;

Internet Connect

1 - Internet Connect

DC Two is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) operating our own BGP and DNS with both IPv4 and IPv6 address space for your internet connectivity, however, you also have the choice to bring your own if you so choose.

Unless specifically required, all of our VMs are supplied with private IP address space (RFC 1918) and then port mapped to external IP address space as required.

Direct Connect

2 - Direct Connect

Depending on your communications and security requirements, you might find connecting a dedicated Point to Point communications service from your head and branch offices directly into the DC2 Platform to be advantageous.

Dedicated connections can be provided by a variety of carriers as listed below using a wide variety of mediums such as fibre optic, mid-band ethernet, ADSL, BDSL, SHDSL, ethernet, satellite and microwave.

Peer Connect

3 - Peer Connect

Wherever we can, we connect our network with local 'peers' so we can share internet traffic with other network operators which can achieve several key things for our cutsomers inclduing lowering internet latency, increasing connection speeds and bandwidth all while lowering overall costs for those operators who 'peer' with each other.

If required, we can provide a 'Peer Connect' network ONLY connection which enables us to 'lock' your traffic to a specific network path which enables us to 'lock' in your traffic pricing at much lower prices which is very beneficial for off-site backup and cloud storage solutions in particular which both require lots of bandwidth to function efficiently.

Sat Connect

4 - Sat Connect

DC Two have a direct secure network connection into the Satcomms satellite network.

SatComms owns and operates it’s own Earth Station (teleport) in Henderson, Western Australia. From this location, SatComms is able to Connect to global telecommunications partners, delivering customers’ data & voice traffic with the level of security and performance required. The SatComms Teleport hosts customers’ equipment and links remote sites to fibre and PSTN networks. This site also delivers Engineering & Support, along with the management of all customer networks end-to-end within the Network Operations Centre.

5 - Combination Connect

As you can see from the diagram below, it is also very simple for us to provide you with a Combination Connect to either some or all of the connection types of Internet, Direct, Peer or Sat, effectively allowing you to optimise all of your connections for both performance and price.

The DC Two network is flexible enough for you to have as many incoming network points as your network and deployment requires.

Combination Connect

DC Two WAN Communications Network

DC Two WAN Network


Direct Connect and Carrier Availability

Perth CBD Carriers - AAPT/Powertel, Amcom, Exetel, Nextgen, Optus, Pipe Networks, Telstra, Unwired, Vocus, WAIA

Malaga Carriers - Amcom, Linkwest, Nextgen

Osborne Park Carriers - Amcom. Nextgen network within 100m with TPG/Pipe due around mid 2014

Satcomms Satellite Teleport AMC Henderson - Satcomms, Inmarsat, Iridium - for more information, please see www.satcomms.com.au

Darwin Gov. Chan DC - Direct Point to Point Connectivity for NT Gov. departments and organisations

Sydney - The DC Two Sydney expansion is anticipated to be online mid 2014. For more information and enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at