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Virtual Server Basic Security

VPS Basic security is the base security level on the DC2 Platform which secures single VPSs in several ways;

1 - Username and Password security on the Virtual Machine Operating System. Having a secure username and password policy is always the first best line of defence for any computer system and often overlooked.

2 - Shared Firewall. All virtual machines are protected behind a DC Two managed firewall to protect communications to and from the external internet and connections. There will be a maximum of 64 hosts behind any individual VM Secure firewall appliance.

3 - Internet Port Blocking - The Shared Firewall will be set up to automatically block all ports to your virtual machines except for those specifically required by you to operate your platform.

4 - Shared VLAN. Each Shared Firewall above is also protected within a private VLAN to provide segregation and separation of the network segment from the rest of the DC2 Platform.

5 - MAC Address locking. Even though there are some shared elements to the networking and deployment of the individual VPSs, the firewall is also configured to lock the network port MAC address of your VPS to your IP adresses.

VPS Basic Secured VPSs can only connect to external communications via the internet as below;

VM Secure