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Private Cloud Security with VLAN with Direct Connect

A Private Cloud VLAN with a firewall appliance connected back to your main office via a dedicated Point to Point (Direct Connect) communications connection (fibre, BDSL, ADSL etc) is a great way to connect your business premises to the Cloud.

The Private Cloud VLAN and P2P offers all of the same levels of security as the Private Cloud VLAN option with some extra benefits;

1 - Dedicated Point to Point communications - A dedicated, secure point to point communications link between your site and the data centre can achieve several things;

i) Reduce communications costs. If your have a larger number of users, implementing a dedicated point to point link to your office via fibre optic or other connection could reduce your overall communications costs when migrating to the cloud. Dedicated point to point links are much less costly to deploy than open internet connections.

ii) Increased Speed and Capacity. Dedicated links generally come in much higher speeds and with unlimited data capacities which is perfect for connections between networks.

iii) Decreased latency. When moving data across the internet you never know and can't control the path the data will take. Internet Service Providers generally route traffic along the shortest path, which obviously for them reduces their costs, but there are some ISPs whose local Perth traffic can travel via Sydney or Melbourne before heading back to Perth. A dedicated link WILL be configured by the provider to travel the shortest and quickest path. The lower the latency, the better the system will perform.

A Private VLAN with a private DMZ Firewall and a point to point connection is a great way for businesses to step into the cloud as shown in the diagram below;

Private VLAN P2P