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Private Cloud Security with VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

A Private Cloud VLAN and private DMZ firewall appliance is the next level of security on the DC2 Platform which secures all of your chosen VPSs in a private, dedicated Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) behind your own private firewall appliance or device;

1 - Username and Password security on the Virtual Machine Operating System. Having a secure username and password policy is always the first best line of defence for any computer system and often overlooked.

2 - Private Firewall. All of your virtual machines are protected behind your very own firewall virtual appliance or physical device to protect communications to and from the external internet and/or other connections. There can be as many hosts behind your firewall as your network requires. The firewall can be deployed in a few different ways;

i) By a DC Two supplied and managed virtual firewall appliance.

ii) By a Customer supplied virtual firewall appliance. You may have and use virtual firewalls elsewhere across your network and wish to continue to use what you are familiar with. DC Two can load your preferred appliance onto the DC2 Platform for you.

iii) By a Customer supplied physical firewall/router. Your network and other remote sites may already be configured with a physical security device such as a small Cisco ASA or Juniper SRX. DC Two can install your physical device in our data centres for you to enable consistency and stability in your operating platforms.

iv) If you would prefer, DC Two can supply your very own dedicated physical firewall/router. Please contact DC Two for further details and specifications.

3 - Internet Port Blocking - Any firewall set up will be able to block all internet ports to your virtual machines except for those specifically required by you to operate your platform.

4 - Private VLAN. Your Firewall will provide internet protection for your servers while a Private Dedicated VLAN will provide network segregation and separation for all of your VMs form the rest of the DC Two network and platforms.

5 - IPSEC and VPNs. Now you have your own private VLAN and DMZ firewall appliance, it is very easy to deploy and configure secure VPN tunnels enabling multiple locations to be connected (effectively) on the same private network..

A Private VLAN and Firewall will provide a great level of security for hosting companies and any deployments needing a good, secure internet hosting solution as shown in the diagram below;

Private VLAN