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Network Hardware and Appliances


DC Two have implemented the Juniper SRX Series Services Gateway devices which offer a high performance security, routing and network solution for enterprise and service providers. SRX gateways pack high port density, advanced security, and flexible connectivity, into a single, easily managed platform that supports fast, secure, and highly available data centre operations.



DC Two utilise both the hardware firewall functionality of the Juniper SRX Series Services Gateway devices and the virtual appliance software capabilities of our own custom built Hardened DMZ/Firewall appliance.



For switching DC Two have deployed Juniper's EX Series Ethernet Switches which address the access, aggregation, and core layer switching requirements of data centre environments, providing a foundation for the fast, secure and reliable delivery of applications that support strategic business processes. EX Series enterprise Ethernet switches deliver operational efficiency, business continuity, and agility.

In the data centre, the EX Series Ethernet switches are well suited to meeting the challenges of server virtualization and distributed applications. By implementing Juniper's 3-2-1 data centre architecture, the EX Series Ethernet switches enable enterprises to not only improve performance but also to increase operational efficiency.



The SRX Series Service Gateways and EX Series Ethernet Switches are based on Junos, Juniper's proven operating system which delivers security and advanced protection services, the foundation of the world's largest networks. Junos also supports rich routing and switching capabilities, and Junos' unique architecture provides reliable service operations and manageability, even under the highest loads.


Network Design

The below is a network diagram showing the High Availability design of each of the virtual platform nodes operated by DC Two.

HA Design