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Cloud Security on the DC2 Platform

The security of the DC2 Platform itself consist of many layers to ensure the ultimate protection for your Virtual deployments and includes the following features;


A Firewall is a device designed to permit or deny network transmissions based upon a set of rules and DC Two uses both hardware Juniper SRX firewall/security devices and hardened Linux virtual Firewall Appliances to secure our networks.

Active Intrusion Detection

DC Two has deployed an Active Intrusion Detection System (IDS) to monitor and secure our networks and systems for malicious activities.

Most network providers have only implemented standard IDS systems whereby they will be notified if there is a problem, but most of the time, by the time you realise there is a problem, it can be too late, whereby with an Active IDS system, the system itself will watch for malicious activities and pro-actively block and engage with the potentially malicious traffic itself.


A Virtual Local Area Network (or VLAN) has the same attributes as a physical Local Area Network (or LAN), but it is configured and run 'in memory' within the networking and communications equipment (switches and routers). A VLAN can also span across multiple switches and communications connections which can allow the VLAN to stretch out to connect remote sites.

VLANs are an ideal and very secure way to divide up network resources to allow multiple customers to share the same physical resources.

Network Segmentation

To ensure that the various network traffic segments do not interfere with each other, we have divided our internal network up into multiple VLANs. Network segmentation via VLANs keeps all of the network traffic such as SAN storage, internet, management, client data and any other traffic types completely separated from one another and unable to interfere and cause issue between each other.

Back End Hardware Management

All of the back end physical management interfaces and ports which control the base functions of physical servers, storage and networking hardware equipment are connected to their own completely separate physical network to ensure maximum security and segmentation and ensure that we always have full unencumbered access to control the entire platform, regardless of external communications.


All of the DC Two systems are monitored and checked every minute of every day by multiple alerting and notification systems to ensure that we can be on-top of any issues pro-actively, before they become a problem.