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Cloud Security - Additional Options

Virtualisation is the creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resources.

In addition to the standard security inclusions, there are also several additional security options which you may wish to deploy or implement depending on your requirements and needs such as;


BYO Virtual Appliance

DC Two provide a managed virtual firewall solution however you may wish to deploy a virtual firewall appliance that you are already using and/or familiar with. The DC Two virtual platform can facilitate just about any OS or virtual appliance but just to be sure, please contact DC Two with your specific enquiry.


BYO Physical Appliance

Perhaps your preference is to deploy a physical firewall appliance/device rather than virtual. DC Two can host your routers and join them into the DC Two virtual fabric very easily to give you full access and control over your environment.


Trend Micro SecureCloud

Trend Micro SecureCloud™ provides data protection for public and private clouds and your VMware vSphere virtual environments. Protect and control your confidential information with this efficient and easy-to-use data encryption service that keeps your data private and helps meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

SecureCloud can be deployed on hosted services or as an on-premise software application. Either way, you the customer, control the encryption keys, not the hosting provider, giving you the freedom to encrypt data in virtual data centers or in the cloud, and even to move data between cloud vendors.


Dedicated VM Nodes - Managed Compute and Managed Storage

If security is a serious concern for you and the above options still aren't enough, then considering private dedicated server hosts could be your next step.

DC Two would deploy sufficient physical server hosts dedicated just for you and your compute loads with your own managed private VMware environment, managed private Veeam backup environment which will ensure that the only network traffic that enters your hosts is your own traffic.

To take the dedicated hardware to the next level, we can, if required also deploy your own private managed SAN.