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Cloud Network Designs and Configurations

DC Two can secure your Virtual Machines, Virtual Data Centres and Dedicated (virtual) Data Centres in a variety of ways and choices depending on your networking requirements such as below;

1 - VPS Basic

VM Secure is the base included security level and is a great starting point for small deployments of only a single VPS. VPS Basic gets you online in a cost effective, but secure manner.

2 - Private Cloud VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network)

Adding a Private Cloud VLAN and a private DMZ firewall appliance or device to your network is a must for any deployments of two or more VPSs and for larger deployments that need the next level of security.

3 - Private Cloud VLAN with Private P2P (Point to Point)

Leading on from the entry level Private Cloud VLAN, adding a dedicated point to point connection for backend communications is a great addition to the performance of the deployment while adding another level of security by keeping sensitive corporate data off the open internet and in private dedicated communications networks.

4 - Private Cloud P2P ONLY

Deploying and connecting a dedicated point to point connection into the DC2 Platform in the form of a Private Cloud Network with no internet connectivity is a perfect way for existing deployments and systems to add IT compute and storage capacity without adding another internet connection into what already could be a complex and complicated network. A Private Network combined with a Dedicated (virtual) Data Centre (DDC)is the ultimate in security in the hosted/cloud world.

5 - Community Cloud Network

If you are part of a community that needs to share data and/or data systems then deploying a Community Cloud on the DC Two hosting platform could really benefit you. By combining several of the DC Two networking and security building blocks we will be able to assist you in designing a solution that will exceed your expectations.

6 - Hybrid Cloud Network

If you need a bespoke, completely custom network design due to complexity and/or security requirements, then you need a Hybrid Cloud network design which can incorporate just about whatever you can think of or conceive.