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Dedicated Server VM Nodes

Dedicated Server VM Nodes = Dedicated Servers + Cloud Servers

Dedicated Server VM Nodes are the ideal combination and can be deployed for many reasons including;

  • To Optimise Microsoft Licensing - BYO or integrate MS Volume Licensing with MS SPLA licensing

  • For the deployment of large environment of hundreds of GB of memory

  • Ideal for Windows 7/8 Cloud Desktop deployment

  • Greater Host control for the partner/user - perfect for off-site replication

DC Two's Dedicated virtualised Server VM Nodes utlise the flexibility of real-time resource adjustment found with virtualisation, but with the system resources and raw power of a dedicated server and can be virtualised with either VMware vSphere OR Microsoft Hyper-V OR BOTH enabling you with the greatest flexibility for your environment.


How do I design a Dedicated Server VM Node solution?

1 - Select which Dedicated Servers you may need, how many and how much memory in each.   Ensure you allow for redundancy, maintenance and failures and it's always best to use multiples of the same server type.

For production workloads, a good rule of thumb is to follow the N+1 rule which means (N), being the number of servers required, +1 (spare) and never mix Intel and AMD in the same deployment.

For off-site backup and/or replication, some may consider having the +1 spare too much redundancy for the 'backup' site, but this will always come back to your specific requirements and needs, especially during a crisis event.

2 - Consider what Storage you may require, especially the performance needed (SAN, Cloud Storage etc)

3 - Select which virtualisation environment/s you would need (VMware or Hyper-V)

4 - Consider what networking you may need (Internet, Direct Connect to your office/s etc)

5 - Once you have had some thoughts regarding the above, or if you really have no idea where to start and would prefer some assistance, we would recommend that you contact us so that we can help you finalise and put your plans and requirements together.