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Cloud Hosting

DC Two manages and supports many cloud based services including;

Private and Hybrid Clouds

  • Mix-n-match your hardware with DC Two cloud products and services
  • Mix-n-match your on-premise deployments with DC Two hosted cloud products and services

Managed Storage

  • Supplement your own storage with DC Two managed storage
  • Replace your own storage with DC Two managed storage
  • Extend your on-premise needs with off-site cloud based storage
  • Choose from a variety of storage performances and prices
  • Replicate storage across data centres
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Shared or Dedicated SAN and NAS
  • Network and Block Access storage (incl CIFS / NFS / iSCSI / FTP / HTTP)

Managed Virtualisation

Managed virtualisation eliminates the headaches and personnel requirements when running your own data centre such as managing hypervisors, supporting virtualisation, provisioning and maintaining virtual servers. DC Two has extensive experience in designing, running and supporting VMware-based environments for organisations of all sizes.

  • Provisioning for new Virtual Machines
  • Management and support of the configuration, hypervisor layer and infrastructure 24x7x365
  • Assistance with the design, configuration and deployment of your cloud configurations
  • Purchase, management and renewal for software licenses and dedicated hardware components
  • Management of the network and data centre infrastructure around the clock

Managed Backup and Replication

In a hosted cloud environment, backup can become a big issue with the best backup and replication tools requiring root level access to the server hosts and storage to function correctly which for obvious reason cannot be granted to the end-user in a multi-tenancy cloud/hosted environment.

This is where DC Two can work with you to deploy a suitable backup and/or replication regime to ensure your backup, disaster recovery and business continuity needs are met.

  • Comprehensive 24x7 management of your backup and recovery operations
  • Transparent and predictable total cost of ownership
  • Daily reports

Managed Networking

Data networks are now critical to most companies’ ability to function – and they’re more complex than ever, often requiring close coordination with carrier services. Managed Networking help solve this conundrum whereby a service provider takes responsibility for the maintenance and administration of the customer’s technical infrastructure, which could include equipment purchase, configuration, monitoring and more. A managed service might cover a single key aspect of the system, a complete subsystem, or a whole-of-company outsourcing service.

  • Physical and virtual data ports - 1Gbe, 10Gbe
  • Layer 2 - ethernet, switching, LAN and WAN
  • Layer 3 - ethernet, routing, IP, VPN (PPTP, IPSEC), encryption
  • Managed Internet including management of firewall appliances (virtual and/or physical)

Managed Licensing

Organisations spend an inordinate amount of money on software licenses that, all too often are poorly managed and/or are purchased when perhaps not necessary.

DC Two can provide monthly rental software licenses for most Microsoft products and Veeam Backup and Replication when your systems or servers are hosted in a DC Two data centre, either cloud, hosted or physical servers with colocation.

This way, you only pay for what you need, when you need it, totally optimised, potentially saving thousands of $$ every year.