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As one of only a few select Veeam Gold Cloud Provider partners in Australia, DC Two leverages Veeam Cloud Connect to provide cloud-based backups for your local virtual server and data.

It allows you to keep an up-to-date copy or secondary copy of your virtualised servers and applications in DC Two's cloud, restoring files and virtual servers back to your local environment OR restore them into the DC Two cloud for the ultimate in Disaster Recovery protection.

Veeam Cloud Connect is available now...

What is Veeam Cloud Connect?

Veeam Cloud Connect is new technology that was released as part of the Veeam Availability Suite and Veeam Backup & Replication version 8.

Veeam Cloud Connect provides a much easier way to backup your virtual servers and data to the DC Two Cloud and it has been designed and built by Veeam for service providers, like DC Two, and it;

  • supports multi-tenancy
  • eliminates the need for dedicated VPNs
  • enables end-to-end encryption for backups
  • is fully integrated into the backup console
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Veeam Cloud Connect makes it easy to backup data to the cloud, while increasing security and relaibility with an automated offsite backup.

Using Veeam Cloud Connect helps eliminate upfront capital expenditures for equipment and reduces offsite data centre costs including space, power, networking and equipment.

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To get your Veeam Cloud Backup solution, please email sales@dctwo.com.au or call our friendly team on +61 (0)8 6141 1011 with your requirements or additional questions and queries and we can have you up and running very quickly.